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Shopping Basket

Why men die more then women

Bicycle Lover

Why Gas Prices Have Gone High!

Computer Programmer

Just divorced

Get Focus

Women Driving

Sign board

True Lover

Wanna know

Ready to Fly

Feel like dancing

I am Not Gay

Porn Star

High octane fuel


Find x


Tracey says

Funny Answer

How to Pose

Teaching children prroper english

Self made helmet

How Can I test

Checking dipers

True fan

Terrorist costume on amazon

Why men wear sunglasses

Say and write

The secret to beautiful skin

Get out of the car

Statistics about Teen age pregancy

How many womens

Unfaithful wife

Telephone answering charges

Swedish beaver

Kill animals for food

Hard drive weight increasing

How do i tell my parents i am vampire

Hand Free

Driving license

How do I trun off CAPS lock

Fatal Error Occurred

Picture automatically attach to email

way to tell you are Grown up

A good comeback

Detail description

can't Hold

Wow Classy

When your girlfriend found

Photoshop Fail

Left Your Camera

How did I get rid of

Facebook Son & MOM

Unhappy Girlfriend

Father to be misses birth of his son

My Girlfriend going to eat me

My Poop is white

Six Pack

Your Favorite Milf

Mother of All

New Swine flue mask

If My Wife



Putting out the fire

Safety belt

Familie Fail

Tiger Woods new Affair

Best Use of Flip Flop

Busted on Facebook


Briefly Explain

If you Die


Junk Mail

Safety First

Weight Losing Tools

Very Popular Techno Song

Daddy got a Job


Zoom Fail

New Way to Park a Car

Redneck car heating


What does IDK mean

Thanks Grandma

Why Men should not write Advice

Very Strong Case

If Love`s so nice

Redneck Hot Tub

How to get youtube to film you

Quality photographs

Driving?When You are?High

Cab Driver's Permit

Geek's Computer

Firefighter of the Year

Paint holder

The Real Redhead

Dear Deidre

If Vagina is not use

Please Read A Manual

Brand new Shirt

She can eat Anything

perfect picture of Laziness

How to get facebook password

Does Osama bin Laden Have Cable

Perfect lock for your car

Choose the best word

What is better for worker?

Distraction from my true passion

Close parking

Which way is the bus below traveling?

I can't make boys

Walk through Security Gate

All People have the right to stupidity

How to Use ATM

Innocent Question

A Letter to robber

Dump & dumber

stupid people Videos

Boating experience

Knock Knock

Idiot Store Robber


Million Dollar Chance

Funny karate

Funny iPhone

Falling people

Insane vids

Funny Stuff

Dumb Blonde Jokes

Roller coaster

Idiot car driver

Greatest freak

Cardinal fail

Broads Idiot

Funny Faces

Cubby dances

American Idol Funny


4 Easy Steps to a Great First Date

Worst cover of a Beatles song

Hard Headed Versus Bottle

Great Story

Do Not Hug This Man

Painted Face Motion

Narrow escape

Crazy guy puts new iPhone 3GS on RC plane


Thief Starts To Cry During Robbery

Adventures of seniors

Green Pieces of Paper

Parking Fail

Pee or poop

How to open a bottle of wine

Interview Fail

Lady Goes Crazy on Live TV

Weird Auto Tune description

Lucky Track Inspector

Wrong Parking Area

Lips to the Floor

Where Babies Come From - Miss South Carolina

Dumbest Inventions

Strange Dance

Parking Brake Fail

How to tell when a relationship is over

Balloon Bass and Box Rap

Sex Offender Shuffle

Human trebuchet

guy update his status on facebook right before Wedding

State lineman freeze

3 redneck tenors

Booty Shake FAIL

Microphone fail

What is the Internet

Top 10 Fails of 2009

Do you know Red cars` driver


Insane Fisherman

Anchor Laughs At Murder

Snooki Street Fighter

Fail Compilation 2009

Weightlifting Fail

Break the ice Fail

How to Dance Like a white Guy

Italian time

Winter Fails

appropriate question to ask a striper

Be A Cowboy

Snow Cleaner

Fancy wedding


Amazing Request

Cool Love song

Bull's Eye

Owned By Bat

liken chicks

Kung Fu Training

Air force training

Doctor's Visit

The greatest movie scene ever

Burglar caught in chimney

Bicycle on treadmill

Meanest Marriage Proposal

Craziest golf shot ever

Gay Education

Staying worm Secret

Dog Man

Big Booty

Crowd Surfing Fail

Rollerblade Crash

Craziest Field Crashers

Yo-Yo Master

We are not Goanna Take it

Balls Parkour

Back Seat P-P-Platypus

Men in the Hole

You can do anything

The New Audition

Hand Washing Fail

Cat Machine Gun

Thief FAIL

Dutch Arsonist Owned

Car in the subway

Hilarious Rap

I am a moron

Vuvuzela Guy

Meteorologist Freak out

American idol fiery Addition

When redneck ride on board

Best Of FailBlog

Fail Compilation September 2010

Bus on motocross track

Dance Performance goes wrong

Black Ninja Assassin

Reading a book while driving

Gangsta Party

You are not a dude

Driver Fail

RNC Seeks Assistance in Armed Robbery

Idiot Sledding Reporter

Store Robbery With Huge Stick

If you know an idiot

Guy has created his own training method

Riding the Extinguisher in Russian Subway

Guy wanna get out of his court?appearance

em True Professional

This guy goes crazy in Coffee Shop

Car slammed into the concrete pillar

Fighting with the invisible man

Road gritting service

Simple way to burn your calories

Fat man stuck on revolving door

Nasty Bike accident

Average person IQ

Stupid Army Girl on Wheel of Fortune

Fire truck Accident

Wearing a mask is not that easy

she wanna play music on her iPhone

Cat fight in court room

Drive in style woman version

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