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Computer Generation

Millennium Babies

Clinton At the Age of 10





Can not wait

Hard Time

I am hungry

Sticker Story

Welcome to the zoo



yea I like it

Dear Sailors

I have been cloned

Mask was there

Birth Control


Look Like

Love letter

Science Project

How to Pick Up Girls


Need solution

Fattest kid of the word

Mute Button

What the hell is that

Cute Little Love Poem

Another Use Vuvuzela

Cute Sleepy baby

I can't

First Shave

Dog with Baby in the cat Door

Born to be a rapper

I love Satan

Naughty Kid

Little Mr.T

USB device not Recognized

Kid Love this Milk

It is Empty

kids funny Videos

Cute hahaha baby

The Landlord

Do not Disturb

Redneck Baby

funny baby videos

Funny Baby Dancing

A very Funny Child after dentist

Static Shock

Little Girl Tosses Back Foul Ball

Father and Kids Dance competition

Baby Dancing to Beyonce

Miracle herb brooks pre game

Fat Kid Stuck in Skate Bowl

2 year old touched by Michael Jackson`s music

Baby stuck behinde the couch

Baby really love this song

Poor Kids

3 Year old crying over Justin Bieber

Cat Vs Baby Adorable

Cutest Dance ever

Little Brother Ruins Sisters Webcam Performance

You are not a single Lady

Seinfeld Tribute

Baby arguin with himself

Little Girls perform on single ladies


You forgot blueberries

Funny kids accidents

Women are born this way - Men are born this way

Cute Baby Dance

13 year old drawing like 19 year old

Say Pillow

The Baby who made your day

Ohh Numb

I want my change back

Cuppy cake boy

Jimmy Asks Kids How Much NBA Players Make


Funny Kid and Lemon

What is Virgin Mean

Samba dancing

Kid calls 911 for help with homework

I am Gonna Put You In The Auburn Store

Little girl try to climb

I hate football

Awesome Halloween costume

Funny Kid Drill with Guard

Gets Detention due to Fart

If monster came here

Say 15129

Funny Kid Drink Water

Boy does not like his Christmas Present

Star Wars according to a 3 year old

everything is closed

Funny argument by kid

Adorable conversation

Burying My Goldfish

Chinese Opera

Little makeup artist

Adorable argument

Perfect future couple

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