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Registration Requires

Absolutely No Hurry

Expect More...

Computer Generation

Does it matter

Take a chance

Dating Services

Help Line

Drug test at Pepsi

Quick Solution

Dinosaurs become extinct

Happy McDonald meal

Guess who


looney tunes

Male prostitute

Photoshop comic

Nice Start

Funny women comic

Mona Lisa after one week in usa

Best Friend

Ex Boyfriend

Life before the computer


Good Advice


Peesimist : Optimist : Student

Batman comic

Go outside Comic

Lucky you!

Is this the society for

Perfect Weight


How to make Snowfall

Always online

I hate My Job

Love is Blind

Silence Tiger Woodsw Comic

Tiger woods comic Ability

A boss is Like a Diaper

The Wheels of Life

Little Johnny Ask to mama

What would Darwin do

Women Signs

Unspoken Communication

oil companies in Texas

when Age Comes

Mid Life

Behind every Great Woman

How to Get A Boyfriend

Difference between men & women thinking

Three Bananas

How Fights get Started

Watching football and drinking beer

I was wondering

I said Sit

If you Want to Say something

Why do men let women go first

The Most Effected Birth control Method


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Mexican Gas Chamber

Snowmen Nose

Can I Help U

You can get back to bed

Would you like a Screw Driver

Can I Show you anything further

Replacement Service

Put your Knees down

Media Input

It Guarantees me a Bus Seat

Santa's Sexual Harassment Trial

No more Whiskey

Yes I love it

Santa was not wearing seatbelt

I see your work with ladies

Job Evaluation

He got My letter

I am just here for

A small Gift

Stop Wearing his pant

Congratulations Its a Boy

Drink coffee do stupid

I'll stop him scratching

Amazon Grocery Comic


Business class vs standard class

Welcome to Army

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