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Professional Jokes - Doctor - Lawyer - Nurse - Secretary - Boss - Teacher - Bartender -
Professionals Ratings
5 poundsJust added
Do they ever bury two people in the same grave?Just added
Paint the porch4.64
A Job Applicant5.07
How did it happen?5.2
An old couple5.11
Testing the bloood5.83
Neither did I4.9
Bronze statue of a rat5
Mr. Schwartz4.33
How long must this go on?5.92
Skilled or unskilled4.55
Computer assistant5.67
The world's smartest man5.47
A fresh MBA4.71
The Louisiana Rule5.72
Testifying at the IRS5.41
New Folding Inventions4.63
Being Famous4.83
Caught Red Handed5.97
The Fastest thing5.4
A tour to the White House5.77
Call on an Expert3.7
A dollar per point4.78
Flat tire5.32
The Note5.86
The most painful part4.9
Policeman and the drunk5.19
Something for the cough5.55
Simple logic5.82
Constipation problem4.47
Lots of other doctors do that5.19
Can I now use Stairs?4.2
The game warden6.01
Hu, Who...Kofi, Coffee...Yes sir, Yassir6.05
Do you Konw5
A Man With No Ears4.6
Farmer and the Cow4.63
Intel Poem3.67
Are You Stupid5.39
Psychiatric Hotline4.71
Doctor's office5.08
Impressed Manager5.46
What firm are you with4.8
How long before I can get a haircut5
Sharing your work3
With pleasure5.23
Do you ever hear voices5.8
We have never had a Republican5
Legal Questioning5.2
Human Resources Memo5.85
Meaningful conversation4.8
Wisdom Of Supermodel Quotes3
Why Fishing Is Better Than4
Maintain a Healthy Level4.5
You help me3.69
I want to speak to my lawyer5.4
Dig a hole5.14
But I am not5.67
lucky saucer5.47
Physical Fitness Program2.67
Good or Bad News4.67
Until Tomorrow0
Tennis Ball4
A winking problem0
Dear Mary0
Large Letters2
Do the same0
I just need the one copy5
Better health plan0
Share and share alike policy0
I had a choice3
cabbies come from4.5
Got to help me0
Two Gallons4.5
Take care of the Clinic5
Doctor's Receptionist5.87
Never even had a chance3.33
30 Things Stressed Women Might want to Say At Work4.5
how many is a Brazilian5.68
Get hair on your twinkie5.43
Two huge meat balls4
Try doing it with5.14
The maid announced to her boss2
No guessing required0
Taste nothing5
New bride4
Share his fortune4.67
I would do anything0
Wife or a Mistress0
Diesel fitter5.6
I am only here for0
I found it3
Young speech therapist2
A gynecologist had a burning desire to change careers6
I can probably pass it5
Practical exercise at a military police2
Play a Tennis0
Aren't you Mike Murphy3
He was going to go to Dr.Lookner5.5
How much it would cost to insure his wooden leg?4
What's your ambition?5
A blind Shopkeeper4
Transfer My addiction8
You must be kidding0
I thought you said5.5
10 minutes late4
New nurse4.44
Still Thinking about2
What's the catch?3
Please answer the question4
A flying saucer5.5
A professor of mathematics5.2
See this badge4
Don't laugh5.43
Selling his peaches2
large eye on the wall0
Hold up you against the wall4
Last 15 seconds before the crash3.67

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