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New study shows People fall in love with objects -
Category: News
New study shows People faal in love with objects

Some people are literally in love with their favourite possessions, giving more time, money and affection to them than they do to other people, a new study suggests.

A marketing study out of the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University evaluated the phenomenon of "material possession love." The researchers interviewed car, gun, computer and bicycle enthusiasts about their favourite things.

"Until now, when we've thought about attachment to objects, most consumer researchers have thought of it in terms of self-identity, such as whether owning and driving an expensive sports car helps you tell others you have a higher social status or makes you seem sportier," said the study's main author, John Lastovicka, in a university-issued statement.

"However, here we found that, in some cases, consumers became emotionally attached to possessions as real substitutes in what resembled human relationships."

The researchers began their investigation by interviewing people at car shows. One car owner named his vehicle Maybelline and said he spent more time with it than with other people. Another said he spent every penny he had, and borrowed from his parents, to buy a new car because it was "love at first sight."

The researchers then moved on to gun ranges, and finally supplemented their findings with surveys of hundreds of gun owners, cyclists and computer owners.

"We went into this just looking at automobiles, but found it was a generalizable phenomenon," said Lastovicka. "We were surprised to find people lavishing love on bicycles, computers and guns. Also, this wasn't love for a brand; this was simply a love for the specific possession owned by the consumer."

They found people who loved their objects so much they spent hours doting over them, and doled out huge quantities of cash to buy complementary products and services.

"I've never seen whopper segmentation effects like this," said Lastovicka. "However, love is a powerful human emotion, so it shouldn't be very surprising that those who really love something are lavishing their money and time on it."

But at least one fish-aquarium enthusiast said the study paints an overly negative picture of people who have perfectly healthy obsessions.

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