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Strange News - Odd News - Bizarre News - Weird News & Stories -
News Ratings
Welcoming voice of female at public lavatory Put men offWeirdJust added
Not so happpy birthday gift for ex-wifeWeirdJust added
Sex-Changing Chemicals FoundWeird2007-04-03
Teddy menBizarre2007-04-03
Funny NewsWeird2007-04-03
Brain Areas Shut Off During Female OrgasmBizarre2007-04-03
Change your eye colour and skin tone witBizarre2007-04-03
A British bank had to apologiseFunny2007-04-04
Durex appeal for testersWeird2007-04-04
Bank chief quits after accessing sex siteBizarre2007-04-05
Started fire to avoid sex with wifeBizarre2007-04-04
It's a boy, no a girlWeird2007-04-05
Sex cures coldBizarre2007-04-06
Drugs smuggled in vibratorBizarre2007-04-06
Student Who Mooned Teacher SuesWeird2007-04-06
Job sounds like a jokeWeird2007-04-06
Firefighter with Fancy Out fitFunny2007-04-09
School District Investigates Porn BillWeird2007-04-09
Danes campaign for a lie-inWeird2007-04-06
Paper viagraBizarre2007-04-10
Mouse Delays Vietnamese Flight 4 HoursWeird2007-04-11
A smelly cabWeird2007-04-27
forgotten his wifeWeird2007-04-27
Germany feels effects of World Cup sexFunny2007-04-30
Box of Condoms Leads to EvacuationWeird2007-04-30
Blind Pilot Flies From London to SydneyWeird2007-04-30
Cat given birth to a puppyWeird2007-04-30
Mouse Will see like people doWeird2007-04-30
The 10 most ridiculous news reportsWeird2009-08-20
Mom Gets 99 Years for Cutting Off Son's GenitalsWeird2009-08-21
Transplant has turned me into a housewifeBizarre2009-08-22
Grandma attacks news crew with hoeBizarre2009-08-27
He can create dinosaurs from chickens : Canadian scientist saysWeird2009-08-28
Searching for 'Jessica Biel' Is Bad for Your ComputerWeird2009-08-29
an alien baby was found alive by a farmer in MexicoBizarre2009-08-31
Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Was FakedWeird2009-09-02
Naked neighbour ?put me off men?Weird2009-09-03
Most Offensive Doll for Little GirlsBizarre2009-09-05
This School Is Teaching Gay ToleranceWeird2009-09-07
the Rear Projection Urinal (RPU). It's art for peeing onBizarre2009-09-08
Men with long ring fingers overtake dangerously and park illegallyWeird2009-09-11
Elderly Man Buried Inside His 1973 PontiacBizarre2009-09-11
Joe Wilson shouts "YOU LIE!" to Obama during his addressWeird2009-09-11
Marijuana used to treat autistic boyWeird2009-09-14
Serena Williams response after DRAMATIC LOSEWeird2009-09-15
She admits making a sex tape on live TVBizarre2009-09-17
Average woman cannot keep a secret for longer than 47 hours, a new study suggestsWeird2009-09-18
The REAL reasons women have sexFunny2009-09-24
Woman gives birth to 8.7kg super babyWeird2009-09-24
The 10 Tallest People EverWeird2009-09-25
Spanking lowers a child's IQWeird2009-09-26
Man sues Bank of America for 1784 billion,trillion dollarsWeird2009-09-28
East Cleveland Mayor Involved In Cross-Dressing scandalWeird2009-09-28
charges against police officer for sex with cowsBizarre2009-09-29
15 Things Men Lose to RelationshipsFunny2009-10-01
Half-man, Half-goat creatureBizarre2009-10-02
Dave's Alleged Extortionist Busted Outside CBSBizarre2009-10-03
11 Guaranteed Sexual Assault Prevention TipsWeird2009-10-06
Phishing attack on HotmailBizarre2009-10-07
1.5 million people filled the streets of Berlin, Germany to watch a several-day performanceBizarre2009-10-08
Beluga whales enjoys nothing more than blowing bubblesWeird2009-10-09
Big is beautiful at Club Bounce BBWWeird2009-10-10
The World's Smartest Child 2009Weird2009-10-12
Marge Simpson Posing Nude for PlayboyBizarre2009-10-13
BMW's Simple and Clever Personal Mobility ConceptsWeird2009-10-14
Bar shootout caught on tapeBizarre2009-10-15
Woman chooses croc over husbandBizarre2009-10-16
The world's shortest menWeird2009-10-17
7 Girls Get Pregnant At Robeson High SchoolWeird2009-10-19
The dead body of a old man was left for several days - Corpse mistaken for Halloween displayWeird2009-10-20
Obama's Call For Volunteerism =Weird2009-10-21
George W Bush To BeWeird2009-10-22
Bodypainter's naked ambitionWeird2009-10-23
Naked man arrested for making coffee in own homeWeird2009-10-24
Giant shark attack on a great white sharkWeird2009-10-29
Blood-sucking crime solvers haunted village bans HalloweenWeird2009-10-30
The man who took 40,000 ecstasy pillsWeird2009-11-02
World's largest and most lavish cruise shipWeird2009-11-03
Hidden camera in bookshop's bathroomBizarre2009-11-04
Top Evil Doctors of the worldBizarre2009-11-06
An extra dimension door Found Scientist SaysWeird2009-11-11
PIT BULL RAPE 2 YEAR OLD BOYBizarre2009-11-12
Hidden in a secret government warehouseWeird2009-11-13
Nasa Found Water on MoonWeird2009-11-14
Man Lives Underwater For 10 Days newsWeird2009-11-16
Women Claims Orgasms 300 Times Per DayWeird2009-11-17
Odd Airport where Runway Meets the RoadWeird2009-11-18
Doomsday 2012 predictionWeird2009-11-19
Rugby Kick Hits The Jackpot ?250,000Weird2009-11-20
10 Ridiculous Lady Laws That Are Still On The BooksBizarre2009-11-21
Tree too heavy for craneWeird2009-11-23
Violent arrest in train station caught on videoBizarre2009-11-24
China Executes 2 For Roles In Tainted Milk DeathsWeird2009-11-25
Couple have sex on clock tower in SydneyBizarre2009-12-01
In Japan man weds anime game characterBizarre2009-12-02
Study stymied by lack of porn newbiesWeird2009-12-03
Couple gets stuck on Christmas tree huntWeird2009-12-07
London parade reversed for USWeird2009-12-08
French scientists create skin fast from stem cellsWeird2009-12-09
Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above NorwayWeird2009-12-10
Toddler taken by social workers after mom refused to give him junk foodBizarre2009-12-11
Dog survives 3 months on deserted islandWeird2009-12-12
First Gourmet Marijuana Restaurant Opens In DenverWeird2009-12-14
71-year-old avoids jail over horse sexWeird2009-12-15
MEN now have another excuse to go down the pubWeird2009-12-16
NYC Wants You to Help Spice Up Condom DesignBizarre2009-12-17
Drunk 4-Year Old Steals Christmas PresentsWeird2009-12-18
UFO pyramid reported over Kremlin - RussiaWeird2009-12-19
Evangelical church opens doors fully to gaysBizarre2009-12-21
Marijuana legalize and regulate in WashingtonWeird2009-12-30
Naked conference callsBizarre2009-12-31
100 things we didn't know last yearWeird2010-01-04
Tiger Woods get some personal advice by Brit HumeWeird2010-01-05
The city spent $32,000 that tell you how to shoot heroinBizarre2010-01-06
Misprint leads to $128.6 million lottery jackpotWeird2010-01-07
New scanners break child porn lawsBizarre2010-01-08
Men think about sex 5,000 times a year -Researchers foundWeird2010-01-11
Sarah Palin has signed on as a contributor to the Fox NewsWeird2010-01-12
Goolgle will stop censoring its search results in China and may pull out of the countryWeird2010-01-13
Nasa scientists found 'trees' on MarsWeird2010-01-14
Sheep Gives Birth to Human-FacedBizarre2010-01-15
Mother arrested for cursing out man who asked if her daughter was wearing a thong.Bizarre2010-01-18
Dinosaurs robot stolen from Mexico showWeird2010-01-19
Shanghai Man Survives Suicide Jump but the girl exploded under his weightBizarre2010-01-20
Gay Teen Worried He Might Be ChristianFunny2010-01-21
US jet lands when religious item mistaken as bombWeird2010-01-22
Turbine CityWeird2010-01-23
Fat girlfriend Kills boyfriend by sitting on himBizarre2010-01-25
Gary Coleman has been arrested on a charge of domestic assaultWeird2010-01-26
Seven year old raises over ?100,000 for Haiti earthquakeWeird2010-01-27
Middle school students motivation speech turns into sex talkBizarre2010-01-28
obsessed with circumcision - Worst excuse court have ever hadBizarre2010-01-29
The Difference Between Men And Women sex dreamsWeird2010-01-30
Women exposed to high levels of flame retardants take substantially longer to get pregnantWeird2010-02-01
Scholar gets $4.4 million to study free willWeird2010-02-02
An Iowa farmer has given his wife her "crappiest" ever birthday present.Weird2010-02-03
Former stripper gets $100,000 in lawsuitWeird2010-02-04
gays should be able to serve openly in military - Colin PowellWeird2010-02-08
Man holding his daughter's head in kitchen sink coz she would not recite the alphabetWeird2010-02-09
$45 a day paid to drink malt liquor and smoke marijuanaWeird2010-02-10
Cat owners more intelligent than dog ownersWeird2010-02-11
American Airlines plans to charge $8 for a pillow and blanketWeird2010-02-12
Three people spend 72 hours with 48 tigers at Chinese safari parkWeird2010-02-15
Nude dancing is an art form in IowaWeird2010-02-16
DNA exoneration raises questions about how often we send the wrong person to prisonWeird2010-02-17
How to Raise Racist KidsWeird2010-02-18
U.S. comic book Collector Jailed 6 MonthsWeird2010-02-19
Please Rob meWeird2010-02-20
Ignore Expiration DatesWeird2010-02-22
The couple who share their bed with a deerWeird2010-02-24
Whites in the Front Door, Blacks in the Back Door- RacistWeird2010-02-26
Sexual behaviors may be reflections of intelligenceWeird2010-03-01
61 year old Woman arrested for asking ?why'Weird2010-03-02
Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth?s Axis, NASA Scientist SaysWeird2010-03-03
Kid made 5 radio transmission to commercial Pilot at JFK airportWeird2010-03-04
Extra small condoms for 12 years boysWeird2010-03-05
Couple allowing their baby to starve to death in order to play online gamesWeird2010-03-06
Man sues airline for not looking at his scrotumWeird2010-03-08
Washington DC to distribute female condomsWeird2010-03-09
Ghosts sold in onlineWeird2010-03-10
12 years old boy turned up at school as a GIRLWeird2010-03-11
Charging Women and Girls With Murder for MiscarriagesWeird2010-03-12
The lightest ever baby boy to liveWeird2010-03-13
A large object is going to crash into the sunWeird2010-03-15
Florida Vampire to Run For USA PresidentWeird2010-03-17
Professional couch potato wantedWeird2010-03-18
Playboy channel were accidentally played on two children's channelsWeird2010-03-19
The only Livingthing that can cheat deathWeird2010-03-20
3.6 million years ago Human walked comfortably uprightWeird2010-03-22
Loud sex enough for cops to search your homeBizarre2010-03-23
Scientists create invisibility cloakWeird2010-03-24
Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast ImplantsBizarre2010-03-25
A possible new species of humanWeird2010-03-26
Psychics help prisoners contact the deadWeird2010-03-27
Prison warns convict over fart attacksWeird2010-03-29
Most Crazy Festival Around the worldWeird2010-03-30
RapeLay - Japan's Controversial Rape Video GamesBizarre2010-03-31
FIFA want to ban singing of national anthems!Weird2010-04-01
A strangely dressed young man arrested - said that he had travelled back in timeWeird2010-04-02
Upside-down house to open for touristsWeird2010-04-03
study found soft drinks did appear to affect male reproductiveWeird2010-04-05
They may have short intelligence but Blondes are actually Earn more than other women - New studyFunny2010-04-06
Hey, Bring Back Our Police Car!Weird2010-04-08
Man calls 911 after hooker fails to deliver in fast food bathroomWeird2010-04-09
Burglar posted himself to victimsWeird2010-04-12
Wear a Condom, Save a Polar BearWeird2010-04-13
Mice 'started' fire which killed 100 catsWeird2010-04-14
Man allegedly killed a variety of animals by placing them alive inside a freezerWeird2010-04-15
Canadian politician in cocaine-prostitution-nepotism scandalBizarre2010-04-16
Dad left baby in car to watch strippersWeird2010-04-17
Humans are not made to multi-taskWeird2010-04-19
The 1992 Librarians and Sex Survey Results? by Will ManleyWeird2010-04-20
Most wanted sex offender found working with daycare centerBizarre2010-04-21
School spied on students with webcams in school-supplied laptopsWeird2010-04-22
Man loses licence after drink-driving in toy Barbie carWeird2010-04-23
Smart phones will take 3-D mainstreamWeird2010-04-24
Texas judge who slept with the prosecutor in a death-penalty caseWeird2010-04-26
They have the power to switch off your brainWeird2010-04-27
Chocolate makes you depressedWeird2010-04-28
What is a life without sex like?Weird2010-04-29
Forget Viagra - all you need 'cuddle chemical'Weird2010-04-30
Man acquitted of rape because victims jeans were too tightWeird2010-05-03
Intersex horse found on Ontario farmWeird2010-05-04
Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at PornWeird2010-05-05
She became pregnant after watching porn in 3DBizarre2010-05-07
Airport screener attacks coworker after jokes about genital sizeWeird2010-05-08
Unrated cell phones Apps exposing children to suicide and sexWeird2010-05-10
The Warship That Vanished Into Thin AirWeird2010-05-11
Pope blames church's sins for sex scandalWeird2010-05-12
Now you can win Bill Clinton as a lottery prizeWeird2010-05-13
Crews Use Payloader to Move Deceased 800lb ManWeird2010-05-14
Studnet just wanted to know what it felt like to stab somebodyBizarre2010-05-15
Dog takes two Viagra pills twice a dayWeird2010-05-17
Pizza in Naples may be baked using coffin woodWeird2010-05-18
Cheating wife sues cell phone company for exposing affairWeird2010-05-19
Monkeys pay for sexy picsWeird2010-05-20
Jupiter loses a stripeWeird2010-05-21
Woman gets weird address on her new driver's licenseWeird2010-05-24
High school students complain free condoms are too smallWeird2010-05-25
13-year-old Californian youngest to top EverestWeird2010-05-26
Two-year-old who smokes 40 cigarettes a dayWeird2010-05-27
Look Out, Gay Soldiers Will Rape You in Your Sleep!Weird2010-05-28
Hit by car, woman sues Google for bad walking directionsWeird2010-05-31
Slim teenager trans forms into 6ft 8ins giantWeird2010-06-02
British Airways red-faced over faux image of Bin Laden boarding passWeird2010-06-03
She was fired solely because her bosses thought she was too hotWeird2010-06-04
Inventor pursues sex toy battle in courtWeird2010-06-07
Ferocious Ants bite like a bulletWeird2010-06-08
Why men fear therapyWeird2010-06-09
Obama Will Make Your Child GAYWeird2010-06-10
Man arrested after refusing to leave jailWeird2010-06-11
Disney World photo captures couple together 15 years before they metWeird2010-06-12
Inventor unveils $7,000 talking sex robotWeird2010-06-14
China cancels visa restriction on bald Taiwanese visitorsFunny2010-06-15
Zombies rise from grave, invade USWeird2010-06-16
NASA Says Moon Has More Water Than Great LakesWeird2010-06-17
Man killed for watching a Football world CupBizarre2010-06-18
Traffic police officer asks - Sex or Traffic TicketWeird2010-06-21
Japanese celebrates divorce ceremoniesWeird2010-06-22
The No. 1 health problem in the United States lack of sexWeird2010-06-23
Dutch police use 'decoy Jews' to stop anti-Semitic attacksWeird2010-06-24
British man nearly lost a testicleWeird2010-06-25
Discovery of mummy delay work on the subway of BrazilWeird2010-06-26
Man Going For World Piercing Record: 2,000 NeedlesWeird2010-06-28
Cat Receives Bionic FeetWeird2010-06-29
Woman bursts her windpipe by blowing the vuvuzela too hardWeird2010-06-30
Computer program deciphers a dead language that mystified linguistsWeird2010-07-01
Alien Planet Finally ConfirmedWeird2010-07-02
Maggots force plane back to gate in AtlantaWeird2010-07-03
How America got its nameWeird2010-07-05
Global Warming Could Shift Earth?s AxisWeird2010-07-06
Neanderthal Males had Popeye Like ArmsWeird2010-07-07
Baby boy born with a mask on his faceWeird2010-07-08
Suspicious wife watches dead hubby for two weeks, thinks he?s faking itWeird2010-07-09
cats from a northwestern Pennsylvania were eating HumanWeird2010-07-12
Cat who steals underwearWeird2010-07-13
Women spend two year on toilet seatWeird2010-07-14
UFO is spotted flying over Chinese city airportWeird2010-07-15
200 Years old Ship Found Under World Trade CenterWeird2010-07-16
U.S. Atheists Reportedly Using Hair Dryers to 'De-Baptize'Weird2010-07-19
Moonshine 'tempts new generation'Weird2010-07-20
Hundreds of Dead Penguins Dot Brazil's BeachesWeird2010-07-21
Lost Kafka writings - The papers, retrieved from bank vaults where they have sat untouched and unread for decadesWeird2010-07-22
Approximately 343 days until the internet runs out of addressesWeird2010-07-23
Wal-Mart Intrdouces a Smart tags to Track ClothingWeird2010-07-24
Vicar gives Holy Communion to dogWeird2010-07-27
Stare at boobs for longer Men's lifeBizarre2010-07-29
Devil told me to have sex with a donkeyWeird2010-07-30
The Bermuda Triangle Mystery slovedWeird2010-08-09
You can be prosecuted if your swan won't migrateWeird2010-08-10
Man tries to get his name legally changed to Boomer the DogWeird2010-08-12
A Swedish motorist is facing the world's biggest ever speeding fine of ?650,000Weird2010-08-13
Cemeteries Hold Parties to Die ForWeird2010-08-16
Third of adults still hug teddies while falling asleepWeird2010-08-17
Beer or vitamin D deficiencyWeird2010-08-18
Elderly man with walker robs bankWeird2010-08-19
wild bears use as a guard for Marijuana growing space at CanadaWeird2010-08-20
Human magnetWeird2010-08-23
British woman Smashes Texting RecordWeird2010-08-24
Driver arrested after officer finds her distracted by adult toyWeird2010-08-26
Hidden Gay Cadets Put in SpotlightWeird2010-08-28
Company presses your ashes into vinyl when you dieWeird2010-08-30
Mom sues McDonald's over hot chocolateWeird2010-09-02
Butts Arrested in Boob Murder CaseFunny2010-09-04
Whisky or PisskeyWeird2010-09-07
How to Molest Children Is LegalWeird2010-09-08
Researchers publish sexual map of high schoolWeird2010-09-27
Man leaves a 1,905-page suicide note - after commits suicideWeird2010-09-27
Monkey squad sent in to secure Commonwealth GamesWeird2010-09-30
GOP candidates would force women to bear rapists? babiesWeird2010-10-01
Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Really Better For Your Health? Or Is This Just Another Hollywood Fad!Weird2010-10-02
Boyfriend Sentenced to Jail for Taping Toddler to WallWeird2010-10-04
GPS directs driver to deathWeird2010-10-05
Pants On Ground Prompts Bullet In ButtWeird2010-10-06
Feral Hogs - The big Problem for TexasWeird2010-10-07
Woman - deceived females into sexWeird2010-10-08
Man bites a police dogWeird2010-10-09
Child abused - FOX News Reporter arrestedWeird2010-10-11
Man stabbed by friends who wanted to suck his bloodWeird2010-10-12
Ring Toss Game on the husband's PenisWeird2010-10-13
Chilean national flag shows on Texas ballot papersWeird2010-10-15
Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-madeWeird2010-10-16
Poll shows more Americans think Obama is a MuslimWeird2010-10-18
World's Biggest EnchiladaWeird2010-10-19
Homer Simpson has been declared a true Catholic tv programmeWeird2010-10-21
School bus driver allows kids to drive busWeird2010-10-22
The World's Heaviest PumpkinWeird2010-10-23
Man charged with assault with sandwichWeird2010-10-25
10 people jumped out of a second-floor apparently thinking they had seen the devilWeird2010-10-26
Spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vestsWeird2010-10-27
Sesame Street's most famous icons Bert Suggests He May Be GayWeird2010-10-28
Washington-based consumer advocacy group Will Sue McDonald's Over Happy Meal ToysWeird2010-10-29
Vampire theory Proved - Blood Will Keep You Looking Young ForeverWeird2010-10-30
10-Year-Old Gives Birth in Southern SpainWeird2010-11-03
Oregon Man Wins Right to Give Police the FingerBizarre2010-11-04
Barack Obama sex doll for sale in ChinaBizarre2010-11-05
Canadian scientists transform human skin into bloodWeird2010-11-08
Man collecting urine from public restroomsBizarre2010-11-09
Boy saves Sister from Moose Attack using World of Warcraft SkillsWeird2010-11-10
A cashier dropped a massive boob on weighing scale when she weighing her fruit and vegWeird2010-11-11
Dick Van Dyke rescued by dolphins after being lost at seaWeird2010-11-12
Buy a truck get an AK-47 rifleWeird2010-11-15
The First adult store drive thru window in the countryWeird2010-11-16
2,000 Fetuses Found At Thai Buddhist TempleWeird2010-11-20
Pope now says condoms can be used in some casesWeird2010-11-22
Three-Year-Old Boy Finds $4M Pendant in EnglandWeird2010-11-23
Congress members exempted themselves from airport security screeningWeird2010-11-25
World's Thinnest WomanWeird2010-11-26
More than 1,000 rats need new homesWeird2010-11-27
US judge says lesbians can be ?cured? by male soldiersWeird2010-11-29
Man arrested after ejaculating during TSAWeird2010-12-01
Man Banned from Wal-Mart for Masturbating in the Toy AisleBizarre2010-12-02
171 days left until Jesus' second comingWeird2010-12-03
Study says pollution makes birds gayWeird2010-12-07
joke gets Santa Claus firedWeird2010-12-08
Woman Bites Off Husband's Tongue During KissWeird2010-12-09
NASA Found Aliens on EarthWeird2010-12-10
Bernie Sanders Filibuster: Senator Stalls Tax Cut DealWeird2010-12-11
A man need a women who wipe him and change his diaperWeird2010-12-13
Hidden code on Mona Lisa paintingWeird2010-12-14
Naked postal servicesBizarre2010-12-15
Skunk stinks up 800 Christmas presentsWeird2010-12-16
Who, then, is stealing the household appliances of New York CityWeird2010-12-17
Tourists Could Be Banned From Marijuana BarsWeird2010-12-18
Japanese woman sues Google for displaying images of underwearWeird2010-12-20
One Hundred Leaked Body ScansWeird2010-12-21
Christmas Sweater Club Punished At Local High SchoolWeird2010-12-22
Japanese skydiver using Google EarthWeird2010-12-23
Possible release of information from WikiLeaks, Bank of America Wants You to Know Its Executives Don?t SuckWeird2010-12-24
Shot his wife to death while they were playing a fantasy sex gameWeird2010-12-29
Husband facing five years in jail after hacking wife's emailWeird2010-12-30
Wrong place at the wrong timeWeird2010-12-31
Top Weird News of 2010Weird2011-01-01
Father Sues school For Rejecting Son After $40,000 DonationWeird2011-01-04
DNA Evidence Clears Texas Man Who Spent 30 Years In PrisonWeird2011-01-05
This is why the Internet is great - Ted Williams became an Internet sensationWeird2011-01-06
Wrathful witches of Romania curse government over new plan to tax themWeird2011-01-07
Australian couple fight to choose sex of babyWeird2011-01-08
Please hold My whopper while I collect some friesWeird2011-01-10
Switzerland Threatens To Kill Dogs If Owners Don't Pay TaxWeird2011-01-11
8th grader hacks school serverWeird2011-01-12
Man says he didn't know woman was dead during sexWeird2011-01-13
The Testicle Pictures That Got an Editor FiredWeird2011-01-14
What is your New Zodiac Sign?Weird2011-01-14
Young Japanese men are losing their interest in sexWeird2011-01-15
The sun rises two days early in GreenlandWeird2011-01-17
Internet-controlled shotguns linked to web cams on food plotWeird2011-01-19
Three Gorges Dam in China changed the rotation of the EarthWeird2011-01-20
Twin suns coming to a planetWeird2011-01-21
US restaurant planning to serve African lion meatWeird2011-01-22
Man made bombs to clear snowWeird2011-01-26
Dubai islands 'falling into the sea'Weird2011-01-27
Fire Department officials are blaming pigeons for the collapse of a gas stationWeird2011-01-28
Malawi government Wants to Ban Public FartingWeird2011-01-29
Man Claims Parkinson's Pills Turned Him Into Gay sex addictWeird2011-02-01
100 dogs in Canada killed after business slowsWeird2011-02-02
An immigration officer add his wife name in terrorist list to rid himself of herWeird2011-02-04
A man with a low IQ Court has been banned from having sexWeird2011-02-07
Teens Arrested For Facebook Death ThreatsWeird2011-02-08
An iPhone app aimed at helping Catholics through confessionWeird2011-02-09
Promotion just in time for Valentine's DayWeird2011-02-10
controversial art projectWeird2011-02-11
Rent-a-Girlfriend French website offerWeird2011-02-12
New study shows People faal in love with objectsWeird2011-02-14
Police arrested a Drunk OwlWeird2011-02-15
mysterious chemical reaction which destroying Van Gogh paintings is revealsWeird2011-02-17
it may soon be perfectly legal to make noise - GermanyWeird2011-02-19
725,000 condoms stolen in Malaysia and smuggle to JapanWeird2011-02-21
Oral Sex Can Lead To CancerWeird2011-02-22
11 Year Old Boy Arrested Over Violent Stick-Figure DrawingWeird2011-02-23
if you wnat hours-long erection let the Spider venom take a biteWeird2011-02-24
ALZHEIMER?S disease spreading all human on the earthWeird2011-02-25
Mothers Against Drunk Driving's former Former president arrested on DUI chargeWeird2011-02-26
Top 10 Weird Laws around the worldWeird2011-02-28
US Medical Experiments often involved making healthy people sickWeird2011-03-01
Soldier?s rape ?must have been God?s will?Weird2011-03-03
1 in 20 Americans Fall Asleep while drivingWeird2011-03-09
Don't Forget To Take Your Urine With YouWeird2011-03-10
Will March 19 'Supermoon' Trigger Natural Disasters?Weird2011-03-11
Koalas have exactly the same fingerprints as humansWeird2011-05-14
Brazilian Woman Wins Right To Masturbate At WorkWeird2011-05-14
In order to get Free health care Man robs BankBizarre2011-06-27
Man wearing women's underwear allowed on flightWeird2011-06-28
Officers forgot a semi-automatic rifle on the trunk of their patrol carWeird2011-06-29
Top 5 Bizarre Museum Around the WordWeird2011-06-30
Diet soda Vs FatWeird2011-07-02
A plastic that can store and release electricity Who needs batteries NowWeird2011-07-04
A prisoner in Mexico caught trying to make a jail break in suitcaseWeird2011-07-06
German lives on a waiting bench at Mallorca airport For four yearsWeird2011-07-07
Planning to plant vegetables garden , wait you may go to jailWeird2011-07-09
Bizarre reasoning behind the emergency callBizarre2011-07-11
Mankini first victim of the seaside decency driveWeird2011-07-12
Blonde Russian women caught the robber and feed him nothing but ViagraWeird2011-07-13
Pasta strainer as religious headgearWeird2011-07-15
Man got driving license despite having no armsWeird2011-07-20
Hercules baboon spider World?s heaviest spiderWeird2011-07-21
A GPS device track Husband or wife justified by courtWeird2011-07-22
Forced to move out building residents with styleWeird2011-07-23
Werribee Mercy Hospital to remove the metal ring from the man's GenitalWeird2011-07-25
The residents of Fukushima blame the Japanese government they try to kill own peopleWeird2011-07-26
A vacancy for duckmaster assistantWeird2011-07-27
woman faces a criminal charge for fake testiclesWeird2011-07-29
A SNEAKY seagull has turned shoplifterWeird2011-08-01
Bunny suit banned in IdahoWeird2011-08-03
Mistake on council sign told the public they could use Man's home as a toiletWeird2011-08-04

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