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Kids jokes - Little Johnny - Naughty students - Children - Mom - Dad -
Kids Ratings
you forgot to kissJust added
Why is it necessary to be quiet in church?Just added
Green, Pink, Yellow5.35
Kids Vs. Teachers5.67
Little Johnny on the bus5.72
In a better way5.68
How children are born5.19
A couple of5.75
A son's prayers6.03
A gift to a teacher5.59
A small test4.75
Little Mary in the class6.45
Mommy is getting fat5.65
Baby planes4.69
Lawnmower for sale4.23
Had my dad been..5.87
A helping hand4.58
What is politics?6.61
Doing the Same5.35
Truth n Believe4.1
A visit to the doctor6.14
Unusual habit4.1
Who I am5.3
What is my age?5.24
First anatomy?class5.77
Favorite Pastimes5.81
Was Johnny adopted?5.22
Little Johnny on Philosophy6.14
Little Johnny on Math6.2
What does you father do?4.47
Yes I do!4.88
What do you mean4.86
Little Boy in the Wedding5.7
Don't Lie to your Mother6.22
Never Ask5.36
Cyber Dad5.69
My goldfish died5.63
What their parents did for a living5
How Old Are U3.17
My Mother taught me4
School Question5.67
Should I6
The moral of Story6.15
Without my mom4.75
A little boy on wedding5.08
Get into Heaven4.25
You ask him5.54
Seventeenth Chapter5.42
I did not have breakfast3.75
What Kids think about Mom6
Big People Words7.17
Math Teacher4
When you took his picture?4
Psychology courses6
Real school absence excuses5.33
Giving up4
How to use them6
Two plus two6
How do you know that?5.6
I pushed it back6.42
Can your Pecker touch6.57
Did Santa bring that to you?6
Had a new baby4
Homework paper5.5
Teacher was reading the story6
Smooth one3
Stay with you5
This is Grandma`s house5.25
Cup of Coffe5.5
God Make me5.33
I just showed him3
The day I take the dollar5.53
she gets a prick3
lost my grandpa4
ID ten T error6.4
They are searching for me with the firemen4.5
Children are Children3

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