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Yes I do! -

Category: Kids>>

Yes I do!

A young couple had to go to a party one evening and they couldn't find a babysitter in due time so they tucked their son in and they put a story on the record player for him to listen while they were gone.

They left the house feeling their son was in "good hands" and they headed for the party. When returning home they rapidly sensed things weren't as good as they expected them to be.

They went upstairs to check if their son was alright...but when reaching the top they heard a distinct bang on the bedroom walls...They entered the child's room and heard him saying over and over again:

All this time the poor kid was hitting his head against the wall as the record kept on playing: "Kids, do u wanna hear a story?...Kids, do u wanna hear a story?... Kids, do u wanna hear a story?"

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