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What is politics? -

Category: Kids>>

What is politics?

Son: Dad, I have a special report for school. Can I ask you a question?

Dad: Sure son, what's the question?

Son: What is politics?

Dad: Well son, let's take our home for example. I am the wage earner,? so let's call me the management. Your mother is the administrator of the? money, so let's call her the government. We take care of you and your? needs, so let's call you the people. We'll call the maid the working class? and your baby brother the future. Understand?

Son: I'm not really sure dad, I'll have to think about it.

That night, the boy is awakened by his baby brother's crying, so he went to? see what was wrong. Discovering that the baby had a heavily soiled nappy,? the boy went to his parent's room and found his mother fast asleep. He than? went to the maid's room, where, peeking through the keyhole, he saw his? father in bed with the maid. The boy's knocking went totally unheard. The boy? went back to his room and went to sleep.

The next morning...

Son: Dad, I think I understand politics.

Dad: That's great son, explain it to me in your own words.

Son: While the management is screwing the working class, the government is? fast asleep, the people are being completely ignored and the future is full of shit

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