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Two bums -

Category: Point to be Noted>>

Two bums

Two bums, Bill and Frank, were standing on the street, bemoaning the fact they only had a dollar between them, not enough for even one drink. Bill says "I've got an idea. We'll go to the butcher shop and buy a hot dog. I'll stick it down my pants and we'll go into the bar. I'll jump up on the bar, whip it out and you start sucking on it. Everybody will freak out and run away and we'll take their drinks." Frank agrees and they try it. Instead of running away, the patrons beat the crap out of them and throw them out. Not to be deterred, they try a second bar with the same results. After having the same result in 20 different bars, Frank says "I've had it. This isn't going to work, and I'm sore as hell." Bill says "You're sore, hell we lost the hot dog after the second bar."

Submitted By:
Homer Simpson

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