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Thermos flask -

Category: Blonde>>

Thermos flask

A well known blonde footballer was out shopping and popped into his local Woolworth's store. He noticed some shiny silver canisters and asked the assistant what they were. "They're thermos flasks" she said,
"Oh!, what are they used for" asked the footballer The assistant replied "For keeping food and drink hot or cold" So he bought one and took it home.
"Hello babes" said his wife "What have you got there"? "It's a thermos flask for keeping stuff hot and cold babes" said the footballer Next day he went to trainer with his new purchase. Fergie his manager said to him, "What you got there Dave mate"
The footballer replied "It's a thermos flask for keeping things hot and cold" "Oh" said Fergie "what have you got in it then"?
"2 cups of coffee and some ice cream" replied the footballer!

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