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The best the Ole Could take -

Category: Couple>>

The best the Ole Could take

Vun day, Sven vas valking down da street ven who did he see driving a brand new Chevrolet? It vas Ole. Ole pulled up to him vit a vide smile.

"Ole, vere did you get dat car?" Sven asked

"Lena gave it to me"

"She gave it to you? I knew she vas sveet on you, but dis?"

"Vell, let me tell you vat happened. Ve vere driving out on county road 6,in da middle of novere. Lena pulled off da road into da woods. She parked, got out of da car, trew off all of her clothes and said "Ole take vatever you vant."...So I took da car"

"Ole, your a smart man, dem clothes never voulda fit ya."

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