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roosters in the farmer s yard -

Category: Animals>>

roosters in the farmer's yard

A salesman is pressing a farmer about the finer points of his new combine when he suddenly notices one of the roosters in the farmer's yard.

The rooster is wearing a shirt, and pants with suspenders. It's all he can do to not gasp.

"What the hell is that all about?" he asks the farmer.

"A year or two ago, we had a fire in the chicken coop," the farmer explains. "That rooster stayed in there until all the hens could get out, and he ended up with all his
feathers burned off. Well, the wife made him some clothes to keep him warm."

"That's amazing," the salesman said. "But you have to admit, it looks kinda funny."

"That ain't nothin'," the farmer says. "You should see him try to hold down a hen with one foot and get his pants down with the other."

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