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Public restroom -

Category: Other Jokes>>

Public restroom

Three men walk into a public restroom - a Pommie, and American, and an Australian. Each does their business. The Englishman strides over to the single wash basin, and thouroughly washes his hands. Showing his disdain for the American and the Aussie, he says "We Englishmen always wash our hands thouroughly." The American then turns the taps to a drizzle, and proceeds to clean only the tips of his fingers. The Englishman looks disgusted, and the Aussie looks mildly curious. "Well, us Americans are extremely economical, so we only wash the tips of our fingers." The Aussie looks incredulously at the two of them, and begins walking out the door. To the mystified expressions of the other two, he says: "We Aussies don't piss on our hands."

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