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Karate -

Category: Animals>>


A man wanted a watchdog, so he went to the pet store. He asks the clerk, "Do you have a
good watchdog?"

The clerk replies, "You're in luck; I have one left." She comes back with a chihuahua.

The man, a little ticked off, says "What the hell do I need a chihuahua for? That's not a

The clerk replies, "But this is a special watchdog. He knows karate." The clerk takes the
chihuahua and the man out to an alley, where there is some trashy furniture. The clerk
points to a chair and says, "Karate that chair!" Less than a second later, the chihuahua
reduces the chair to sawdust.

The clerk points to a sofa and commands the dog to "Karate that sofa! Repeat performance.

The man, amazed, buys the dog for $100 and takes it home.

When he gets home, the man shows his wife the chihuahua proclaiming, "Honey, I got you a

The wife yells, "That isn't a watchdog, for cryin' out loud! You wasted your money!"

The man calmly replies, "This is a special watchdog. He knows karate."

The wife, flustered, shouts: "Karate?!? Karate my ass!!!"

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