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Internet Dating Terms Men Use -

Category: Point to be Noted>>

Internet Dating Terms Men Use

?40-ish?: Over 50 and looking for a 25 year-old

?Athletic?: Watches a lot of sports on TV

?Average looking?: Unusual hair growth on ears, nose, & back

?Educated?: Will patronize you all the time

?Free Spirit?: Will bang anything that moves

?Friendship first?: As long as friendship involves sex

?Good looking?: Arrogant

?Very good looking?: Dumb as a board

?Honest?: Pathological Liar

?Huggable?: Overweight and hairy like a bear

?Likes to cuddle?: Insecure mama?s boy

?Mature?: Older than your father

?Open-minded?: Wants to have threesomes with your friends

?Physically fit?: Does a lot of beer can curls

?Poet?: Wrote ex-girlfriend?s phone number on a bathroom stall

?Sensitive?: Cries if you want him to go see a chick flick

?Very sensitive?: Gay, just wants to procreate

?Spiritual?: Got laid in a cemetery once

?Stable?: Arrested for stalking, but not convicted

?Thoughtful?: Says ?Excuse me? when he farts

What woman write and what it really mean:

?40-ish?: 49 years old

?Adventurer?: Slept around a lot

?Athletic?: Flat chest

?Average looking?: Has a face like a bull dog

?Beautiful?: Pathological liar

?Contagious Smile?: Does a lot of ecstasy

?Educated?: Bitchy know-it-all

?Emotionally Secure?: Heavily medicated

?Feminist?: Lesbian just looking to procreate

?Free Spirit?: Junkie

?Friendship first?: Trying to live down reputation as a slut

?Fun?: Annoying

?New-Age?: Lots of body hair

?Old-fashioned?: Lights out, missionary position only

?Open-minded?: Desperate

?Outgoing?: Loud and obnoxious

?Passionate?: Sloppy drunk

?Poet?: Depressive schizophrenic

?Reubenesque?: Fat

?Romantic?: Looks good only in candle light

?Social?: Has been passed around like an hors d?oeuvres tray

?Voluptuous?: Very fat

?Wants Soul mate?: Stalker

?Young at heart?: Old hag

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