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In a better way -

Category: Kids>>

In a better way

Bob leaves his cat with his brother Joe when he went out on a vacation. after a week, Bob calls and asks, "How's my cat??" Joe says, "I'm sorry, your cat died."

Bob was really angry and said to his brother over the phone, "You could have told me in a better way. You could have said when I called today, ' The cat is on the roof and won't come down.' Then when I called tomorrow you could have said, ' The cat fell down and the vet is trying to patch him up'. The when I called the third day you could have said,' I'm sorry the but the cat died. 'Then I would be O.K."

Joe stayed quiet, then said, "I'm Sorry. how's Mom?"

Bob said," She is on the roof and won't come down."

Submitted By:
Danliella G.

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