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I will jump off -

Category: Blonde>>

I will jump off

There was a Chinese, Mexican and blonde guy sitting on the top of a 20 story? building that they were fixing and they open their lunch boxes.?
The Chinese guy said "Orange-chicken again, if I get this one more time I am? going to jump off"?
then the Mexican says "Burritos again, if I get this one more time I am going? to jump off"?
Hearing that the blonde guy says "Ham sandwich again if I get this one more? time I will jump off"?
So they all get the same thing the next day and they jump off the building.? Later at the funeral the Chinese guy's wife says "Why didn't he tell me he didn't? want orange-chicken?"?
Then the Mexican guy's wife says "Why didn't he tell me he didn't want burritos?"?
Then they both look over at the blonde guy's wife and she says? "Don't look at me like that, he makes his own lunch!"

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