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Great pig -

Category: Animals>>

Great pig

A salesman is talking to a farmer. Suddenly, this energetic pig rushes out of the barn, squealing happily and snuggling against the farmer. The pig has a wooden leg. Curiosity finally gets to the salesman. He grins and asks: ?Why does this pig have a wooden leg?? The farmer glares at the salesman and warns: ?You be careful what you say about this pig. This pig is real special. Let me tell ya, about a month ago we had a fire up to the house. Wife and I were asleep. This pig right here came racing across the field, banged his snout against the window ? we heard it, we were saved. That pig saved our lives!? The salesman?s in awe. ?Let me tell ya something else. Last week I was out plowing the back forty. The tractor went up an incline, overturned and pinned me to the ground. I couldn?t breathe. This pig ? this pig right here dug me out, pulled me out by the collar and gave me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! That pig saved my life.? The salesman was thunderstruck. ?Yeah, but why does he have a wooden leg?? The farmer snorted and rolled his eyes. ?Are you crazy? You get a great pig like this, you don?t wanna eat him all at once!?

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