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Fighting the bull -

Category: Other Jokes>>

Fighting the bull

Once, A man decided to take a drive in the country-side. As he passed by a paddock, he noticed a young child desperately fleeing a furious bull which was steadily gaining on her. The man slammed on his brakes, bundled out of his car, vaulted over the two-meter-high paddock fence, and sprinted at amazing speed towards the bull.
Unknown to him, a journalist was passing by and witnessed his incredible feats of courage.
The man had by now reached the bull and, grabbing it by the horns, stopped its charge only five centimeters from the little girl. He flipped the bull over on its back and, twisting its head by the horns, broke its neck.
The journalist was astounded. He ran over to the man and said: "Starve the lizards! That was unbelievable mate! I don't believe I saw it! I've never seen a man with so much strength and courage and daring! I'll put this story on the front page of my paper! Now, just give me a few details about yourself.
Next day, the following headline appeared on the front page of the paper:

Submitted By:
Smally Leonardo

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