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Farmer and the Cow -

Category: Professionals>>

Farmer and the Cow

A farmer was in a bar drinking and looking all depressed. His friend asked
him why he was looking depressed and he replied,
"Some things you just can't explain. This morning I was outside milking.
As soon as the bucket was fill the cow kicked it down with his left foot
so I tied up his left to a pole.

I began to fill up the bucket again and he kicked it down with his right foot,
so I tied his right to a pole too.

As soon as I finished milkin'' him again he knocked down the bucket with his
with his tail and I took off my belt and tied up his tail with my belt.

As I was tying up his tail, my pants dropped down, then my wife came out
and well, trust me, some things you just can't explain!

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