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Commitment -

Category: Professionals>>


The Marine 3-star general in charge of the joint office called his entire staff in for an indoctrination meeting. When they were all inside, the general had his aide close the door and said, "If you're going to work in this office, you need to have COMMITMENT, each and every one of you. Nothing is more important."

He then said to his aide, "Let him go." The aide opened up the door to a side office, and in ran a 7-foot long alligator, snarling and snapping.

The general looked straight at his new people and said "You're each going to have to demonstrate COMMITMENT."

He then undid his belt and dropped his trousers around his knees. Immediately the alligator ran up and sunk his teeth right into the general's family jewels and held on tight. The general winced, but instantly composed himself and shouted, "This is COMMITMENT!"

He waited several seconds more, then took two of his fingers and jabbed the alligator in both eyes. The gator flipped over on his back, jumped up, and ran into the corner of the office, glaring angrily at the general.

"That, my friends, is COMMITMENT. Which one of you is ready to demonstrate his COMMITMENT?"

There was much shuffling of feet and murmuring. Finally an AF fighter pilot stepped forward and said, "I will sir, if you promise not to poke me in the eyes."

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