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Bowl of oatmeal -

Category: Food/Drink>>

Bowl of oatmeal

A man walks into a breakfast cafe and notices a special they have on oatmeal. He sits down at the bar and asks the waitress for the oatmeal.

The waitress replies that they had just run out of it.

Disappointed, the man instead orders some eggs. While waiting for his eggs, he notices a bowl of oatmeal apparently untouched sitting just down the bar. Looking to see if anyone would notice, he reached out and grabbed the bowl. He took one hesitant bite and found that it tasted pretty good.

He took another bite, and another, and found himself scarfing the oatmeal down. When he reached the bottom of the bowl he found himself staring at the very dead eyes of a severed mouse head.

Being very disgusted, he began to gag, and threw up back into the bowl. While he was panting and spiting, a man sitting in a booth came up behind him and said, "Yeah, that's what I did too."

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