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Big John -

Category: Point to be Noted>>

Big John

That sort of reminds me of the time when I visited a pub in a little mining village in Yorkshire. Standing at the end of the bar was the ugliest little man I ever saw, his face
was mis-shapen, a mass of scars, and his ear was squashed flat.

He never bought a drink, yet he was never without a drink.

Every man who came to the bar would shake his hand or clap him on the shoulder in a gesture almost worshipful, and then would buy him another beer. He never thanked them.

Eventually, my curiousity grew so great that I had to ask the landlord, in a whisper, why.

"Well" the landlord said, "that's Big John. He's a legend in this place. Hero of the pit collapse in '98. Saved my life, and that of fifty men. He held the roof up all alone,
until we all got out"

"Wow" said I, "So he got those scars from the roof collapse?"

"Nay, lad.

Them's from when we hammered him into place".

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