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Aren t you Mike Murphy -

Category: Professionals>>

Aren't you Mike Murphy

One night a police officer named Mike returned home at 3:00 a.m. after working the graveyard shift. He opened the door to the bedroom quietly and took off his clothes in the
dark and got in bed with his wife.

As soon as he settled in she said, ?Honey, can you go over to the drug store and pick me up some aspirin??

Mike agreed to go, got dressed in the dark, and walked over to the drug store. When he got to the drug store, he got the aspirin and went up to the desk so that the clerk could
ring it up.

The clerk looked at him for a moment and asked, ?Say, aren?t you Mike Murphy??

Mike answered him and said, ?Yes I am.?

The clerk looked puzzled and asked, ?Well, aren?t you a police officer??

And again Mike replied yes.

The clerk scratched his head for a second and said, ?Then why are you dressed like the fire chief??

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