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An old couple -

Category: Professionals>>

An old couple

An old couple goes to a sex doctor and asked him to watch them? have sex. He watches and sees no problem and tells them? everything looks fine.?

The next week, same thing happens. Same routine. The Doctor? watches again, says everything looks fine.

This happens a few?more weeks and the doctor finally says..."I don't understand. Week after week you come here and I?tell you everything is okay. Just what is the problem..."

"Well, Doc. You see, we are not married, so we can't go to my house? or to hers. The Holiday Inn charges 75.00$ and Hilton charges 120.00$. We both retired and we don't have much money. You charges 50.00$? and Medicare sends us a check for 43.00$."

Submitted By:
Helen Blomlie

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