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Almost Married -

Category: Couple>>

Almost Married

These two guys meet after not having seen each other for many. First guy? asks the second guy, "How have things been going?"

The second guy speaking very slowly replied, "I.. w..a..s a..l..m..o..s..t m..a..r..r..i..e..d...."

The first guy says in amazement, "Hey, you don't stutter any more, that's great."

The answer comes,
"Y..e..s, ..I w..e..n..t t..o a.. d..o..c..t..o..r ..a..n..d ..h..e ..t..o..l..d?? m..e t..h..a..t??i..f I.. ..s..p..e..a..k ..s..l..o..w..l..y I w..i..l..l ..n..o..t ..s..t..u..t..t..e..r....."

The first friend congratulates him and than asks again about how he was almost married.

"W..e..l..l, m..y f..i..a..n..c..e..e a..n..d I w..e..r..e s..i..t..t..i..n..g o..n ..h..e..r ..p..o..r..c..h a..n..d ..t..h..e ..d..o..g ..w..a..s ..s..c..r..a..t..c..h..i..n..g h..i..s b..a..c..k a..n..d, I ..t..o..l..d h..e..r t..h..a..t w..h..e..n w..e a..r..e m..a..r..r..i..e..d, s..h..e c..a..n?? d..o.. ...t..h..a..t... ...f..o..r ...m..e A..n..d t..h..e..n.... s..h..e? s..l..a..p..p..e..d....m..e a..n..d... t..h..r..e..w??t..h..e ..r..i..n..g o..n... m..y ..f..a..c..e."

"Why should she do that? wasn't she a romantic type?" asks the first friend.

"W..e..l..l, S..h..e w..a..s..! B..U..T.. ..I ..s..p..e..a..k ..s..o ..s..l..o..w..l..y ..t..h..a..t, ..b..y ..t..h..e ..t..i..m..e ..s..h..e ..l..o..o..k..e..d ..a..t t..h..e ..d..o..g,....h..e ..w..a..s???..p...e...e...i..n..g ..o..n ..a.. ..p..o..l..e!"

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