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A parrot on a plane -

Category: Animals>>

A parrot on a plane

After taking his seat on a plane, a mild mannered young man was startled to see a parrot strapped in next to him. Choosing to ignore the bird,? he asked the flight attendant for a cup of coffee.?
"And get me a damned whiskey, now!" the parrot ordered rudely.?

A few moments later the attendant returned with the whiskey, but no coffee.?

"Hey, stupid," the parrot cried out after draining his glass,? "another whiskey!"?

Again, the attendant hurried to bring the parrot his drink but forgot? the coffee.?

Upset at being ignored, the man decided to try the parrots approach.?

"Hey, you!" he yelled at the attendant. "Coffee now or you'll never? work for this bloody airline again!".

A moment later, a burley co-pilot?came over, grabbed the man and the parrot and tossed them out of the?plane door. As they plunged downward, the parrot turned to the man? and said:?
"You know what, for somebody that can't fly, you're a right cheeky sod!".

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