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A kind hearted woman -

Category: Other Jokes>>

A kind hearted woman

One cold December day, a tourist lost his way and was freezing to death. Luckily he? found a farm cottage and was invited to come in and warm himself?by the farmer's wife.

Once inside the house, he complained of being thirsty. The? woman handed him an enormous white crockery mug filled with? milk. After taking a big swig, the impulsive guest exclaimed,? "This is sweet and fresh ... you are most generous!"

She replied modestly, "It's nothing. My family wouldn't drink? that milk because we found a dead rat in it."

Sick to his stomach, the man clapped both hands over? his mouth, allowing the huge mug to fall to the floor and shatter? on the stone.

The woman grabbed her broom, raised it high in the air,? brought it down on the visitor's head, and hollered, "Get out,? you ungrateful pig! I take you in my home, I let you share my? fire, I give you milk to drink ... and now you repay my kindness? by breaking the children's potty!"

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