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A gift to a teacher -

Category: Kids>>

A gift to a teacher

It was Christmas, and kinder gardeners were giving their teachers? presents.

One boy, who's father was owned a candy shop, came up? and gave his teacher a gift wrapped up in a box.

The teacher shook?the box and said "Hmm.. could this be.. maybe some candy?" She? opened it and sure enough it was a box of chocolates. She said "Thanks!"? And hugged him and he went on.

The next girl came up, who's mother?owned a stained glass shop. She gave her the gift, and the teacher?pretty much knew what it was. She knew not to shake glass so she felt it. "Umm... how about something stained glass." And again she was right.? "Thanks!" She said and she hugged her and she went on.?

Little Johnny came up next who's father owns a wine shop and so he gave? her the gift, in a shoebox. She saw, it was dripping and so she touched? the bottom and put it to her mouth. She said, "Hmm. Wine maybe?"?

Little Johnny replied, "No! It's a puppy!"?

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