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A busy weekend -

Category: Couple>>

A busy weekend

A young high school couple - Johnny and Suzie had been? dating for 2 years, but Suzie had very conservative parents -? so she never told them about Johnny.

One day she announced, "Johnny, Friday is my 18th birthday.? I want you to come over and meet my parents. And then Saturday,? they will be going away for the weekend - and this being my? 18th birthday, I want us to finally "DO IT."

Johnny was ecstatic, and the day of the dinner, he went out? and bought flowers for Suzie and candy for her mom. He then? stopped by the pharmacy to buy some condoms.?

The pharmacist asked him, "Do you want the 2 pack, 3 pack? or 12 pack." Johnny responded, "You know, I think it's? going to be a busy weekend, so I'll take the 12 pack."

Johnny headed over to Suzie's house, gave her the? flowers and her mom the chocolate. Suzie's father also joined them on dinner. Johnny asked if he could say grace before the meal,? and he sat there quietly for 10 minutes almost in a meditative state.

Suzie turned towards him and whispered, 'Johnny, you never? told me you were so religious."

Johnny turned and replied, "Suzie, you never told me? your dad was a pharmacist."

Submitted By:
Kelly G

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