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A bet with bartender -

Category: Food/Drink>>

A bet with bartender

This guy was in a bar the guy tells the bartender "Bet you $300.00, I can put this beer bottle on the other side of the room and pee into it.

The bartender knew that was impossible and was an easy way of making money said alright. so the guy put the beer bottle on the other side of the room and tried instead of making it in the beer bottle he peed all over the bartender and the bar.

The bartender said laughing," That's $300.00" The guy said OK and walked away so glad. the bartender asked him why he was so happy the guy simply replied "Well, you see those guys back there, I bet them $1000.00 that I could pee all over you and your bar and that you would laugh about it!".

Submitted By:
Erica Rodriguez

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