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1000 leg bug -

Category: Animals>>

1000 leg bug

This guy wanted an unusual pet, so he goes to the local pet store and ask the owner about a different kind of pet. The guy said I have a 1000 leg bug here that's real cute. So the guy bought the 1000 leg and took him home in a nice little box.?

After a couple of hours he got bored and ask the 1000 leg bug if he would like to go to Franks Pub for a drink. No answer from the bug. Little bit later he ask again, would you like to go to Franks Pub for a drink? Still no answer. About now the guy is getting angry and shouted louder, this is your last chance, do you want to go with me for a drink.?

The bug lifts his head of the box and said " Will you please be quiet for a while!,? I heard you the first time but I need some time to put my F***ing shoes.

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