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Couple jokes - Husband - Wife - Lover - Boyfriend - Girlfriend - Women - Mens -
Couple Ratings
She came to me on her hands and kneesJust added
Series of Miracles4.85
Sincere Advice5.06
In the other world4.56
A busy weekend5.92
Poor Spot5.93
Chewing Nails3.04
My True Love4.4
Macho Man Meets His Match5.67
Blind Date5.13
Wife's Luckiest day5.56
A less costly way5.17
The Curse5.58
Too many Tickets ..huh!5.88
A Lying Cheat3.42
Husbands vs. Wives5.26
While playing golf5.93
Ticket to the Super Bowl4.97
Is it alright?4.19
A crowded bus stop5.69
3 daughters5.26
Almost Married4.53
Why don't you do that?5.11
Girl always put the Guys down5.37
Learn from the bull5.78
The best the Ole Could take5.43
A Loving and Caring Wife5.65
Good excuse6.2
Birthday Gift5.13
Just relax5.17
More often4.63
Never Say to Your Wife3.92
I don't need4.5
Getting a second opinion5.52
It?s dark in here5.9
The Five Secrets To A Great Relationship5.83
Before it starts5.27
Only when5.17
Special fare rate4.29
Where was he?4.89
I would have gotten out today5.33
Me Too4.87
Pretend we are married5.62
Most evil thing4.29
Can you talk to me4.79
Wife s Mentality4.9
Marriage Certificate5.04
40th Wedding Anniversary3.85
Why did you have to die4.97
only vacation3.25
Cowboy boots4.4
The knock on4
Baseball Vs porn5.83
How he Unlock the Door5.67
100 Dollars6
Not this time6
Difference between men & women5.83
Put them back4.67
Red tomatoes2
Call her a doll4
Doesn?t get wet5.65
Can you loan this guy5.67
Women?s English5.83
Men?s English5.83
Be strong5.14
Swap positions4.67
The wooden box5.75
31 Days2
Tell him6
Let us make a new beginning4
first guess4.75
17 votes short5.33
I have a divine right2.4
Irish hooker5
Sad Ending5.6
Lying about your age can be beneficial5.11
Larry's Bar5.2
You have to promise not to hit me3
Watch the wall5
wedding gifts4.5
At last they are together4.67
What I Want in a Man4
Thinking about getting married5.11
I would make it2
Play that Harmonica2
What is a real woman?5
You'd never get5.33
Anniversary Gift4.67
68th birthdays4
Bad news Good news and great news5
To go fly a kite5
She changed you so drastically3.33
He is still a virgin4
Pickle slicer5
In America, we call this4.75
I thought you were asking3
Picks up a mirror5
A special ring6
I'd like to be six again3
A hooded robber5
Your wife is impregnable4
I come here just for3.5
I am glad6.13
Real Reason5.56
fabulous dream4.29
mule was for sale4.67
Dealing with women5.88
My husband's like a4
A dog is better than a wife6.36
A Perfect Man4.67
Does not use6.31
Girl's Best Friend4
What women should tell men4
Aren't you afraid6
The darts team4.67
woman heart4
Sexy Lingerie4.29
God will provide for us5.2
I simply can not believe2
we made passionate love5.2
A local Strip Club5.6
At 3 O'clock in the morning5.33
The prisoner Escape again5.33
Sixty dollars5.2
He mad a fool of himself5.54
So you really love me4.86
A lonely Old woman4
Smart-ass attitude5.56
Would you like to see?5
The efficiency expert5.2
Is this your husband?5.81
How Old am I?6.26
100 dollars bills2
Aren't you going to do anything?5.8
Housework was a woman's job5.43
Why in the world do you want to marry her then?3
You might have qualified5
Daughter had red hair4.57
That putt was no longer than my 'willy'3.5
The church bells5.83
Knowledge of foreign affairs3
I have committed the sin of vanity4.5
You used to hold5

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