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Blonde Ratings
The Alabama preacherJust added
Three blondes and a fairy5.06
Blondes on a double-decker5.43
Thermos flask4.33
Potato bags5.28
Survivors of a terrible shipwreck5.59
Female boss5.76
Is that because I am blonde?5.71
Is something wrong?5.61
How can you tell?4.33
Blonde on a diet5.37
I will jump off5.51
Bubba is dead!5.02
Logic class5.13
It's a Redneck's Computer5
Just Before the Right Time5.49
The Ghost!5.52
Horse riding5.59
Cruise Special!5.42
A Blonde dyes her hair5.47
Magic Mirror5.58
The real Fun!5.35
A blonde in Vegas!?5.47
A Blonde's Complaint5.45
Blond Sister5.39
Blonde's car keys5.35
Blonde's Revenge5.38
The Only Survivor5.36
The Tearful Bride4.29
What a goof!5.15
Job Interview5.16
Deer or Bear?5.13
Blonde in a Barber Shop!5.68
Questions and Answers!5.33
Smart Blonde5.38
Redneck and sons5.47
Blonde on bus4.84
Going to Jamaica5.43
Be Careful What You Say1
Hence Proved5.43
Nothing to loose5.64
You're a redneck when..5.42
Blonde Knows it4.14
Bet with blond5.65
A Blond and Her Car5.32
It is good to be a woman4.71
Blond throws a gernade5.33
Blonde and Police5.03
Blonde in Exam5.06
Blonde Joke5.31
Breathe in, breathe out5.2
Blonde Inventions5.49
What do5.45
ice fishing5.43
I Will do anything5.54
Murder case5.29
Blonde Wish5.42
Starting to rain4.84
It is snowing4.79
She was so Blonde5.93
Blonde Airlines4.46
What if I do not3.07
Qualified to discuss4.67
Genuine alligator shoes5.9
Did You Hear About The Blonde?4
Blonde Medical Terminology5.2
horrible snowstorm4.67
8 Characters5.74
Rented An Adult Movie4
I did not realize you5.97
How to get to her house3.75
The Elevator4.4
Clyde had two4.8
Warning Signs for Redneck5.64
you will never hear from a Blond4
Patrolman saw a blonde4
Commit suicide5.45
Appointment with a gynecologist6
Bubbles and Barbie5.43
Crap in the carburetor3.6
I have an arrangement with one of the sailors6
Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean that I am automatically stupid5.42
Two Florida rednecks are out hunting6
It looks like six cups to me3.23
You stay out of this5.91
When are you going to call them back?4.4
Please come over here and help me5.93
The Cuckoo5.33

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